The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast

EP25: Dividend Investing with Marc Lichtenfeld

March 29, 2023 Kanwal Sarai Season 2 Episode 25
The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast
EP25: Dividend Investing with Marc Lichtenfeld
Show Notes

In  this episode I interview Marc Lichtenfeld who is the senior editor of the Oxford Income Letter and author of the bestselling book Get Rich with Dividends. In this wide ranging interview we discuss how Marc got started with dividend investing, why investors fail, and what Marc looks for in great dividend stocks.

 Also covered in this episode:

- how Marc got started with dividend investing
- what is a "Perpetual Dividend Raiser"
- how long of a track record does Marc look for in companies
- three companies that have been consecutively increasing dividends for more than 60 years
- how dividend increases help to accelerate your compound growth
- what are the things that Marc looks for in companies
- the key difference in how Marc evaluates a company's payout ratio
- the importance of cash flow
- companies cannot fake the dividend
- why do companies raise their dividend
- why a dividend increase is a positive sign
- how to protect yourself from dividend decreases
- common investing mistakes that investors make
- my foolish mistake chasing a high yielding stock
- how Marc is investing in today's economic climate
- re-balancing your portfolio
- the importance of dividend income versus stock prices
- how dividends are taxed
- how a $2479 investment in TC Energy has returned over $8000 in dividends
- the importance of starting young
- the risk of relying only on capital gains
- what advice would Marc give to his younger self
- how not to panic when it comes to investing

Marc Lichtenfeld on Twitter: @stocksnboxing
Marc's website:
Marc's book: Get Rich with Dividends

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