The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast

EP24: Part 2 - Dividend Investing with Brock Waterman

March 22, 2023 Kanwal Sarai Season 2 Episode 24
The Simply Investing Dividend Podcast
EP24: Part 2 - Dividend Investing with Brock Waterman
Show Notes

In part 2 of this episode I interview Brock Waterman, the founder of We discuss how Brock achieved financial freedom at the age of 42, and how dividend investing contributed to his early retirement. Also covered in this episode:

- Should you think differently about dividends if you are going to retire early versus retiring at 65 or 75?
- When should someone start investing?
- The importance of having an emergency fund
- How does Brock diversify his dividend stock portfolio
- How do you deal with your stocks that are overweight in your portfolio?
- Has Brock changed his approach to investing, given the current economic climate?
- During the 2009-2009 financial crisis what did the 5 Canadian banks do to their dividend?
- Is there lower income tax on dividend income?
- Does Brock own any mutual funds, index funds or ETFs?
- $500,000 invested in a fund where the fee is 1%, will cost your over $395K in fees
- What advice do you have to someone who currently owns funds and is scared to invest in individual stocks
- Why you need discipline and patience to succeed as a dividend investors
- Why you should re-invest your dividends
- Never having a salary of over $65,000 but Brock and his family achieved financial independence
- Currently are earning over $10K in annual dividend income

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Brock's YouTube Channel:

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